Olivetti ECR-7790 kasseapparat

Olivetti ECR-7790 kasseapparat

DKK 1.596,00

Olivetti  kasseappart med 57mm tekstskrivende thermoprinter.

40 varegrupper

999 PLUer

8 ekspedienter

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40 programmable departments
Up to 999 programmable PLU’s or sub-departments
4 VAT rates handled + tax exempt
8 clerk identification codes
Card, Check, Charge and Cash tender media key, with
change tendered on all payments
4 foreign currencies with related currency descriptions
– Received-on-account key
– Paid-out key
– Void-key (to void entries in a sale or after sail is
– Refund-key (to register returned items for full return or

Olivetti ECR-7790 kasseapparat